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This is resurrection of the website that was lost in 2014.
The sources are cleaned up with minor fixes and now on

The plant hormones website was set up initially at Long Ashton Research Station an institute of the BBSRC. Long Ashton will be closing in March 2003 so the Plant-Hormones site has been moved to a new commercial service.

The website provides general information on plant hormones and links to the plant-hormones discussion list. This list has been set up on the National Academic Mailing List Service JISCMAIL.

This list has been set up as a freely accessible electronic communication forum for use by plant-hormone scientists. The list is intended to promote communication between professionals in the plant-hormone field. Discussion topics should include gibberellins, auxins, cytokinins,abscisic acid, etc.

All aspects of research may be discussed; synthesis extraction, purification, analysis, enzymology, molecular biology, hormone action etc. Requests for help on particular aspects may also be posted to the list as well as requests for standards, spectra, identification of spectra etc.

The list may also be used for announcement of meetings, calls for papers and posters, visits of scientists to a particular area.

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