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Gibberellin nomenclature

Gibberellins are assigned A-numbers in order of discovery according to the system proposed by MacMillan and Takahashi (Nature 217, 170-171, 1968).
Numbers will be assigned to novel GAs for which evidence is presented for their natural occurrence and an unequivocal assignment of structure. Identification can be established by:
a. Isolation of the pure compound and determination of structure from physical, primarily spectroscopic, properties.
b.Comparison of the compound with a fully-characterised synthetic standard by GC-MS or equivalent method. Matches are based on KRI and m/z values with relative intensities from a full spectrum.

For allocation of numbers to new GAs, the relevant information should be sent to:

Information on Abscisic Acid
Information on Auxins
Information on Cytokinins
Information on Ethylene
Information on Gibberellins


Gibberellin History

Structural and
Mass Spectral

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A list of the currently assigned GA numbers  is available here together with their structures.