Plant Hormones Introduction  

Occurrence of GAs in Fungi and Bacteria

The following documents have been prepared by Professor Jake MacMillan after considerable searching of refereed journals. It is expected that these documents will be maintained as working documents. If you feel there are any errors or omissions please e-mail Professor Macmillan at or contact the webmaster at

Publications have been included using the following guidelines.

1. Only publications in refereed journals are cited.

2.First report of identification given preference.

Information on Abscisic Acid
Information on Auxins
Information on Cytokinins
Information on Ethylene
Information on Gibberellins


Gibberellin History

Structural and
Mass Spectral

of GAs in

of GAs in

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3. Gibberellins identified after hydrolysis of plant extracts are not included.

4. The data upon which identifications are based vary considerably. Since these data are taken from refereed journals no further quality controls have been applied. Thus the question of acceptable data for the identification of GAs has been ducked. However, authors and referees are strongly urged to apply one of the following criteria:

(a) Isolation of the pure product and comparison of its physical properties with an authentic specimen;

(b) GC-MS comparing KRI data and m/z (and relative intensities) of at least 6 significant ions with those of standards;

(c) GS-SIM comparing retention times and m/z (and relative intensities) of at least 6 significant ions with those of standards.

For details on assignment of GA nomenclature please click here

Occurrence of Gibberellins in Fungi

Occurrence of Gibberellins in Bacteria

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